“THE BOOK - They Came From Inner Space”

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
THE BOOK - They Came From Inner Space
They come from another dimension. They have an agenda we are not
aware of. They are already here and they look just like us.
How would you react if you met your double, and knew only one of you
could survive?
In the year 2284, bestselling author Alexis is confronted by look-alike
beings who intend to take over his identity and use it to publish their
own book. Known simply as The Book, it is their means of saving
humanity. Unpredictable but often playful, these visitors engage
Alexis and his family in a wild and provocative chase.
The aliens’ book, a potent instrument of alchemy, automatically
neutralizes all negative emotions in whoever reads it. No more greed.
No more anger. No more fear. No more war. Harmony on the planet.

A formula for Utopia? A secret group of dissidents determined to remain unchanged thinks otherwise.
The Book is a fantasy thriller, with a visually startling quality and the potential to become a cult classic. Intense color and larger-than-life characters give it a comic book flair, captivating the viewer with surreal,
mesmerizing images. Stylistically radical, this film is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

THE BOOK (They Came From Innerspace)
91 min 32 sec , color
Genre: Fantasy
Country : USA
Lamguage: English
Written, Directed, Produced by
Art Direction & Cinematography by
Visual Effects Supervisor: Paul Swendsen
Additional Photography: David Fortney
Costume & Set Design by
Make up Design by and Shelley Bonnet
Picture & Sound Editing by
Music & Sound Design by Richard Weiss
Best of Show
Best Narrative Feature
Best Director
Best Editing
Best Special FX
Best Costume Design
Best Actor
Best Cinematography
Award Of Merit: Feature Film
Honorable Mention: Special/Visual FX

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